Our Parkinson’s Dance class displays the spectrum of Parkinson’s; from tremors to stiffness/rigidity, from flat affect to enthusiastic countenance, and from good coordination to intervals of imbalance. Most importantly there is a group dynamic of empathy, support, and mutual respect that extends from three marvelous instructors to each afflicted PWP attending along with their caregiver/support person(s) who are committed, regular attendees. It is a group that we consider to be our very special colleagues and friends!
— Mory, student of 4 years
Those of us who attend the classes have become a caring community for each other and and our teachers who are our friends. I attend as much for the exercise as for being with those who care about each other.
— Sharon, student of 4 years
My husband and I enjoy the various types of exercises and dance steps incorporated into each class. The continuous movement is so important for Parkinson’s.
— Veva, student of 2 years
For a caregiver, dance is another great way to be a “partner”.
— Allan, student of 4 years
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— Name, student X years